The Tomatis method
La méthode Tomatis


Since 2018 in collaboration with the Montessori school Seeds of Knowledge , we have implemented the Tomatis method for the school’s students.

The Tomatis Method at Seeds of Knowledge Montessori School

Since 2018 in collaboration with the Montessori school Seeds of Knowledge , we have implemented the Tomatis method for the school’s students.

Who am I?

Klaudia Sara Matti, I’m a therapist specializing in the Tomatis method and kinesiology. For 17 years, I worked at the Centre d’Écoute et de Santé in Rolle, where I acquired a good knowledge of the pedagogy of the Tomatis method. Since 2018, I have opened my practice in Vich and help children, teenagers and adults develop their potential and explore their resources.

The Tomatis Method in a nutshell

The Tomatis Method (Audio-Psycho-Phonology) was developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001), an ENT doctor who established the link between an individual’s ability to listen and his or her ability to communicate.
The Neuro-Auditive program offers auditory re-education, the main aim of which is to develop attention and concentration in order to improve students’ learning potential.
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The listening test

To begin with, the children take a listening test. It’s a test of auditory attention that resembles an audiogram, and which itself combines elements of audiology and psychology(attention focused on several frequencies and the ability to differentiate between them).
Test results can show a variety of symptoms and often disturbed skills, in children with academic difficulties such as:

  • Coordination and spatial orientation problems,
  • playback problems (problems transferring sound to symbols and vice versa),
  • immaturity and emotional instability,
  • attention deficit disorder (ADD),
  • problems with concentration, behavior, memory, following instructions, relationships with other people.

Based on the test results, I define the hearing stimulation program. This sound program is always selected individually.

Listening sessions

La méthode Tomatis - Écoute

Initially, the children follow passive sessions. Thanks to specially-designed headphones (sound transmission takes place via air conduction and bone conduction), they listen to musical programs. Mozart’s music is used as the main sound source.
Why Mozart? His music is characterized by its high harmonic content and high frequencies, which have a strong stimulating effect.
Children associate this method with fun and it is very well received. The sessions feature a variety of games, arts and crafts.

In the 2nd stage, the children perform vocal exercises using a microphone. They learned to listen and control their voices thanks to their improved listening skills.
During the passive and active phases, sounds are processed by the electronic ear, alternately changing the timbre and intensity of the message. These contrasts are designed to surprise the ear and the brain, to put them in a position to listen.

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