The child is not a vessel that one fills, but a spring that one lets flow.

Maria Montessori

Why choose Montessori Seeds of Knowledge ?

French - English

Montessori Seeds of Knowledge is a private institution recently established in Etoy, between Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, which has been offering an exceptional educational experience for over a decade. With a unique, personalized and fully bilingual (English-French) approach based on the principles of the Montessori method, children aged 18 months to 15 years evolve in an environment conducive to their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

High-quality teaching staff

Our teaching staff are all AMI graduates and have been with the school for many years. Our professional guides are determined and fully committed to accompanying your child every step of the way. Our innovative approach guarantees an innovative and caring learning environment that ensures the acquisition of all the knowledge and skills your child will need for the future. At Montessori Seeds of Knowledge, we prioritize a personalized approach tailored to your child’s unique needs, leading them not only to academic success but also to a respect and appreciation of the world around them.

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