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The child is not a vessel that one fills, but a spring that one lets flow.

Maria Montessori

Why choose us ?


Founded in 2011,Seeds of Knowledge Montessori School in the canton of Vaud, offers a caring learning environment that meets the needs of each individual. An individualized pedagogical program is established week after week by the teachers which allows the student to acquire an education of excellence based on autonomy, respect and the desire to learn.

10 years of experience

Based in Etoy, Switzerland, Seeds of Knowledge Montessori School has been providing a personalized, bilingual (English-French) educational approach to children from 18 months to 15 years of age for more than 10 years.

Our unique offering cultivates an environment in which your child can thrive. Our teaching staff guides your child throughout their learning and allows them to explore and learn at every moment. Through a personalized approach, the Montessori Seeds of Knowledge school not only helps your child achieve their academic goals but also instills in them respect and admiration for the world around them.

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