The Parents Committee

Who are we ?

As you have certainly noticed, the parents’ committee has welcomed 3 new mothers, following the departure of Veronika and Sarah.
Here is the new parents’ committee and its function.

  • Marie-Annick : maman d’Ottilie, classe 2 et Sirius, red class.
  • Alejandra et Cyrille : parents de Sofia, classe 2 et Mateo, blue class.

Our objectives, actions and projects

Our objectives

– Our aim is to unite the Montessori community within the school,
– To create a link between parents and the school direction,
– To facilitate communication and general exchanges within the school,
– To raise funds to help an association. This year we have decided to support Bee One Nature, supported by Sarah Perreard, in our school.
Please visit the website.

We can be reached at the following email address :

Class representatives

– They inspire the class community by arranging events,
– They facilitate communication and offer a direct link between parents and children,
– They listen to the needs of children and parents, and share any important information with the committee.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute question.