Pédagogie Montessori à viche pour les adolescent

Montessori Seeds of knowledge

Secondary school

For 12 to 15 years’ old

School Montessori Seeds of Knowledge

A bilingual French and English learning 

Founded in 2011, the school Montessori Seeds of Knowledge offers a bilingual French and English learning environment.

Our learning environment is stimulating and full of good-will allowing children to experience their individual development and acquire an excellent education for life, according to the principles of the Montessori pedagogy.

This pedagogy favours the child’s concentration and his/her personal fulfillment.

Our classrooms :

Our school currently has 6 classrooms :

3 in section 3 – 6 years’ old

2 in section 6 – 12 years’ old

1 in section 12 – 15 years’ old

Our school Montessori Seeds of Knowledge based in Switzerland, in Vich, near Gland.

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