Our management team

 Montessori school Seeds of Knowledge


Educational Director 

Daniel has 20 years of professional experience in the creation and management of start-ups in computer science and biotechnology, and as a private banker. Co-founder of the school, he is responsible for the administrative and financial management. Daniel holds a M.A. in Human Sciences from Oxford University and a doctorate in stem cell biology from EPFL (Lausanne). He also holds the Certificate AMI Orientation to Adolescent Studies 12-18 years.



Early childhood educator, Marie has many years of experience with children to her credit. After studying as an educator in Lausanne, she specialized in Montessori pedagogy in London, Lucerne and Geneva. Graduated of Montessori AMI for children aged 3 to 12, Ms. Littman is also the founder and director of Montessori Seeds of Knowledge.

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